Who are we?

Computer Development Systems is the Research and Development division of Lessing Research Laboratories (LRLabs).

Computer Development Systems was founded in 1986 to satisfy the need for a reliable, capable means of communicating with CNC controls via an automated interface. CDS developed a wide range of products in this range and is still adding new products as technology advances.

We have assisted numerous customers with turnkey solutions as a results of our unique skill in marrying hardware and software development.

CDS does our own product developments as well as product rese arch and developments for customers up to proto-type stage.

The CNCTalk product was our first product in our CNC communications rangr. The entire product, both software and hardware was develped in-house, and proved highly successful. CNCTalk was later superceded by MultiTalk in 1994, an enhanced version with additional features, and also based on the DOS operating system. In 1997, FlexTalk ™ was introduced, based on the Linux operating system, to take advantage of Linux's superior multitasking abilities and its stability. The LinuxTalk product was released for smaller engineerign workshops with a small number of CNC's. The Wireless FlexTalk system is soon to be released. The CDS JobTracking system, is the latest and most recent new addtion to the CDS product range. The CDS Jobtracking system, also based on the Linux operating system, tracks the progress of jobs through the workshop/factory. Data captured with the JobTracking system can be manipulated with report writing/database tools