FlexTalk™   ---   First Wired and now WIRELESS  !!

The FlexTalk ™ Communication System is a revolutionary way for transferring CNC programs between a computer and the CNC machine.

It allows for the simultaneous dripfeeding / loading of multiple CNC machines from a single PC.

How It Works 

The FlexTalk ™ software continuously scans the communication ports, Wired or Wireless, on the FlexTalk ™ Server.

A request for the up / downloading of a CNC programs to / from the CNC machine is done from the console of the CNC machine, using a G-Code program.

When the FlexTalk ™ Server receives the request from a CNC, it responds by either preparing to receive a program, or placing the requested program in the queue to be sent to the CNC. If the requested program is not on the FlexTalk ™ Server, an error message is sent the CNC to inform the operator.

Programs sent back from the CNC's to the FlexTalk ™ Server is saved either as a temporary program without over writing the Master Program, or as the new Master program, saving the Master program to a temporary file. This prevents the loss of programs as a result of errors.

The CNC programs can be created with a text editor on the FlexTalk ™ Server OR CNC programs can be created by users on the network using text editors or CAM systems, and then saved to the relevant CNC Directory on the FlexTalk ™ Server.

The FlexTalk ™ Software maintains logs of the times dates and times when programs were transferred to and from the system. This enables the supervisor to, which programs were used during a given period. This is especially useful for monitoring work on night shifts.

As the requests for programs are done from the CNC the The FlexTalk ™ Server can be placed in a secure with access restricted to the users working with the system.

Advantages Of the Linux Operating system for FlexTalk ™

The FlexTalk ™ Communication System runs on the Linux operating system, which is freeware Unix. This has several significant benefits:

  • Multi - platform connectivity. The system can be seamlessly integrated into almost any environment, including Windows 3.xx, Windows 95, Windows NT, IBM AIX, Sun / OS?, HP / UX?, Solaris, Siemens SNX and Novell environments. 
  • Exceptional stability and reliability. The system is extremely stable, and once it is configured, will continue to provide reliable service without user intervetion almost indefinately. No irritating and time consuming regular restarts are required.
  • The system cannot be attacked by Viruse , Malware or Addware.
  • Secure Remote support can be provided via an Internet link or direct modem link to the Server. 
  • Network support. If the Server is connected to a network, the CNC programs can be created by any user on the network and sent to the FlexTalk ™ Server.
  • Unattended backups can be used to backup the CNC programs from the FlexTalk ™ Server to a share on the Network.
  • Customizable. If a customer has special requirements outside of the normal system specifications, it can be customized to suit the particular situation.*

 The Basic Wired  FlexTalk ™ System Consists Of:

  • A Computer to be used as the  FlexTalk ™ Server.
  • Slackware Linux operating system (Freeware Unix). 
  • CDS FlexTalk ™ Software - multiple ports
  • CDS Multiport Controller interface +CDS CDS Isolator Box. 
  • CDS Communuication Protocol Converters for the controls (if required). 
  • Optional Additional CDS Lightning Protection. 

The Basic Wireless FlexTalk ™ System Consists Of:   


  • A Computer to be used as the  FlexTalk ™ Server.
  • Slackware Linux operating system (Freeware Unix). 
  • CDS FlexTalk ™ Software - multiple ports
  • CDS FlexTalk ™ RF Nodes with embedded Linux Operating system and 3GB + memory
  • CDS Communuication Protocol Converters for the controls (if required).
  • Wireless Router / Access points & Ethernet Switc




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