Computer Development Systems was established in November 1986 and started off solely as a design house, developing ideas to the prototype stage.

CDS was involved with the implementation and instrumentation of the GP Badenhorst Coal Explosion tunnel outside Pretoria in 1987. This installation was used for monitoring coal explosions in the mines. This was a first worldwide.

From our ability to design and develop products, we started with our own product lines for communication between CNC machines and Computers. We expanded into network installation and consultation, and as the years went by our product range grew. We are developing and adding new products and skills as technology advances.

Some of our products include Jobtracking and Machine Monitoring systems in factories and production facilities, Communication systems, including two way radio networks, Security systems and consultation.

CDS is a diverse design and development house and has done several more designs and developed several more products, for various companies in various industries.