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PSU LM2569 Step Down PSU




LM2569 Step Down Switching Power Supply (module)

Ideal for Stepping down the output of Lithium battery packs



Input Voltage:         4,0V  to 30V (Note input Voltage must be 1.5V higher than output for proper regulation)

Input Current:         2.5A maximum

DC output voltage range:   3.0 – 26.5V

DC output current range:    Limit is in Watts (20Watt)

Output Current:      2.5A maximum see Note below

Output Limits calculated as follow (Input Voltage V) * 2.5(A) * Effeciency

Effeciency is usually between 88 and 95% for 12V inputs, and 81% to 86% for 3.7V inputs and 5V outputs

Voltage Regulation: 0.5%

Full load Temperature 45°C ambient at 22°C

Size: 23mm x 50mm

By fitting a heatsink the continous output rating can be increased, but depends on the application.



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