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RF RG400 PTFE cable


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RG400 5mm/0.195In double screened coaxial cable.

Price per meter.


Impedance 50 ohm +/- 2 ohm
External Diameter 5.0 mm
Double Screen Silver plated copper
Insulation material PTFE
Protective Jacket material FEP
Center conductor diameter 1.0mm Silver plated (19 strands 0.19mm)
Center conductor base material Copper
Minimum bend radius 22 mm
Operating Temperature -55⁰C to +200⁰C
Velocity Factor 0.695
Capacitance per meter 97 pF
Maximum Voltage 1900 V
loss per meter at 100Mhz 0.15 dB/m
loss per meter at 400Mhz 0.29dB/m
loss per meter at 1GHz 0.49 dB/m
loss per meter at 2GHz 0.78 dB/m


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